Dr Keith Paton

Dr Keith Paton

Higher Research Scientist

National Physical Laboratory

Keith Paton received his PhD from the University of Cambridge, working under Prof Alan Windle on the microwave absorption properties of carbon nanotubes. He then joined Thomas Swan & Co Ltd to support the carbon nanotube production business.

In 2012, he moved to Trinity College Dublin to work as a researcher-in-residence for Thomas Swan, embedded in the research group of Prof Jonathan Coleman. While there, he led the development of the production of graphene by shear exfoliation, and the subsequent transfer of the technology back to Thomas Swan. He also supported the development of new quantitative metrics for the rapid characterisation of liquid-phase exfoliated graphene, as well as the evaluation of the performance of these materials in thin film conductor applications.

Keith joined the Materials Processing and Performance Group at NPL in 2016, and is focused on developing novel characterisation techniques for chemically functionalised graphene materials. In particular, the aim is to quantify what chemical groups we have added, how many and where they are. This can then be used to quantify the performance of the modified materials in a range of applications, mechanical, electrical and thermal.

Speaker sessions:

Advanced Techniques to Measure Graphene Dispersion in Polymers and Standardisation of Graphene Characterisation at 11:30 on 10th October 2017