Dr Francine Amon

Dr Francine Amon

Senior Researcher

RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

Francine Amon has been working for the past 6 years at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden (formerly SP), where her research focus has been on studying the effects of fire on the environment. Projects have included ignition mechanisms of wildland fires, life cycle assessment of flame retardants and nanoparticles, and work supporting the development of standard documents in ISO TC 92 SC3 WG6 (Fire Threat to the Environment).

While working at the National Institute of Standards and Technology prior to RISE, Francine has also developed performance evaluation methodologies for electronic safety equipment used by the fire service, in particular regarding thermal imaging cameras and location/tracking systems.  She also has served on NFPA technical committees related to firefighting equipment.

Speaker sessions:

Life Cycle Assessment and Costing of Thermosetting Polymers with GRM Additives at 11:30 on 11th October 2017