Dr Craig Dawson

Dr Craig Dawson

Research and Technology Officer


Craig Dawson has extensive experience working as a multidisciplinary scientist in several fields including coatings, polyurethanes, process development, energy generation and energy storage.

Craig has several publications in peer reviewed academic journals as well as three patent applications, he holds a first class honours degree in Applied Chemistry from MMU, as well as a PhD in materials for fuel cell applications from the University of Manchester. Craig is currently leading 2-DTechs’ small team of highly skilled physicists, materials scientists, chemists and engineers, working on 2D material production and formulation for use in a multitude of different projects such as aerospace, automotive, oil & gas, sport, built environment, printable electronics, 3D printing, additive manufacturing, renewable energy, electronic devices as well as others.

Speaker sessions:

Functionalisation of 2-DTech Graphene at 12:30 on 10th October 2017