TUBALL Nanotubes Enable Conductive, Coloured Gelcoats

Published: 10th April 2018

BÜFA Composite Systems is developing conductive gelcoats incorporating TUBALL single wall carbon nanotubes. Surface resistivity as low as 10^3 Ω/sq in polyester-based gelcoats is achieved by adding a tiny amount of TUBALL nanotubes, also enhancing surface appearance and weathering resistance. “Application of carbon black or graphite as a conductive additive negatively affects the original colour, resulting in a […]

Nanodiamonds Boost 3D Printed Polymer Performance

Published: 3rd April 2018

Finnish nanodiamond manufacturer Carbodeon and Dutch 3D printing specialist Tiamet 3D have announced the development of nanodiamond-enhanced filaments for 3D printing. The filaments are based on a jointly-patented technology which is said to significantly improve the mechanical and thermal properties of 3D printed items. “By joining forces we’ve already developed filaments with a 100% increase […]

Revolution Fibres Gains Aerospace Certification, Triples Production Capacity

New Zealand company Revolution Fibres is tripling nanofibre production to meet increased international demand from a range of industries, from cosmetics manufacturers through to Formula One teams. Revolution Fibres uses electrospinning technology to create nanofibre out of a range of materials including polymers and natural sources such as collagen from hoki fish skins. Traditionally, nanofibre […]

Graphenano Collaborates with Tecnivial on Graphene Signs

Published: 27th March 2018

Graphenano Composites has signed an agreement with Tecnivial to improve the properties of the composites used in the Spanish company’s traffic safety signs for airports, railways and roads by the incorporation of graphene. Tecnivial’s Nanotec composite signs incorporate graphene in the resin and are said to offer optimal mechanical and physical properties such as: lightweight […]

Nanotube-Reinforced Rebar Offers Improved Tensile Strength

Published: 20th March 2018

Preliminary tests have demonstrated that the tensile strength of composite rebar can be increased by 32%, and bending strength by 29%, by introducing only 0.05 wt% of OCSiAl’s TUBALL nanotubes into the resin. Metal corrosion destroys reinforced concrete structures and is one of the key drawbacks of steel rebar. Composite rebar is becoming increasingly more […]

Haydale Signs Supply Agreement with Korean Fishing Rod Manufacturer

Published: 6th March 2018

Haydale Technologies (Korea) has signed an annual supply agreement for specific functionalised graphene nanoplatelet (GNP) material with River Runs, a Korean manufacturer of high-performance fishing rods and reels. The graphene-based material has been incorporated in a carbon fibre prepreg to produce graphene-enhanced carbon fibre fishing rods for sale in both domestic and overseas markets. River […]

NANOLEAP: Call for Tenders

Published: 31st October 2017

The open window call for tenders is part of the activities of the ongoing NANOLEAP project, which brings together a European network of pilot production facilities focused on scaling up nanocomposite synthesis and processing methods. NANOLEAP is funded under the H2020 European Research and Innovation Programme. The aim of the call for tenders is to […]

KTN Launches Special Interest Group on Graphene

Published: 11th July 2017

The Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) has launched a new special interest group focusing on commercial opportunities for the UK in ‘Graphene and Other 2D Materials.’ “The UK has been a global leader in research on graphene since it was isolated at the University of Manchester in 2004, and we are well positioned to take a […]

OCSiAl Invests in Luxembourg Nanotube Production Facility

The Ministry of the Economy and the Ministry of Finance of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and OCSiAl have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate on the construction of a production facility for single wall carbon nanotubes with an annual capacity up to 250 tonnes, as well as a centre for applied nanotechnology. The […]

Nanoco Receives First Commercial Order for CFQD Resin

Published: 4th July 2017

Nanoco Group has received its first commercial order from Wah Hong Industrial, a Taiwan-based manufacturer of optical films and sheets for the display industry, for the supply of resins containing Nanoco’s cadmium-free quantum dots (CFQD). The CFQD resin products, which will be produced in Nanoco’s manufacturing facility in Runcorn, UK, will be converted into films by Wah Hong and supplied to an original equipment […]

Carbodeon Nickel-PTFE-Nanodiamond Coatings Offer Improved Abrasive Wear Resistance

Carbodeon of Finland has worked with metal finishing specialist CCT Plating of Germany, to develop a new electroless nickel, PTFE and nanodiamond composite coating. Electroless nickel-PTFE (EN-PTFE) coatings provide excellent anti-adhesive and low friction properties but are traditionally soft and wear quickly in abrasive conditions, says Carbodeon. By adding nanodiamond particles to the EN-PTFE coating, […]

Carbodeon Demonstrates Nanodiamond Nickel Coatings with Enhanced Tribological Properties

Published: 13th June 2017

Carbodeon of Finland has worked with metal finishing specialist CCT Plating of Germany to develop a new NanoDiamond enhanced electroless nickel plating to provide improved performance in sliding applications. Electroless nickel coatings offer many advantages over other coating types, Carbodeon reports, such as excellent corrosion and abrasion resistance, an even coating thickness over complex geometries […]

OCSiAl Furthers Health and Safety Testing on Nanotube Materials

OCSiAl reports that recent research on single wall carbon nanotubes has demonstrated that, unlike conventional additives, no protruding particles appear and no free-standing particles are released when materials containing these nanotubes are mechanically stressed during simulation of their typical use. Furthermore, nanotube-formulated materials were found to release significantly fewer micro-size particles, demonstrating their high strength […]

NetComposites Enterprise Call for Papers for International Nanocomposite Conference, INC 2017

Published: 22nd March 2017

NetComposites Enterprise is pleased to announce the next INC 2017 (Industrial Nanocomposites Conference), an international conference taking place 10th – 11th October at the Maritim Hotel, Stuttgart, Germany, and abstracts are now being sought from potential speakers. This year’s conference follows the inaugural INC, which took place in 2015, and will focus on the current […]

Industrial Nanocomposites Conference 2017

Published: 26th June 2016

The next INC (Industrial Nanocomposites Conference), will take place at the Maritim Hotel, Stuttgart, Germany on 10-11th October 2017. Visit the website for further details – The conference will focus on the current and emerging applications of polymer nanocomposites; defining challenges and drivers in relation to the use of nanocomposites, and will consider the way forward, discussing commercialisation […]

Carbon Fibre Industry Set For Strong Growth to 2020

Published: 6th March 2012

The Carbon Fibre Industry Worldwide 2011-2020: An Evaluation of Current Markets and Future Supply and Demand, written by Tony Roberts, a leading expert on the carbon fibre industry, is a new market report on the rapidly growing carbon fibre industry and its global markets. The 413-page report forecasts that global demand for carbon fibre will […]

Revised TR55 for Strengthening Concrete Structures with FRP

Published: 14th January 2005

A major revision of Technical Report 55, Design guidance for strengthening concrete structures using fibre composite material, is published by the Concrete Society later this month. TR 55 was first published in December 2000, and is widely accepted as the industry standard on FRP strengthening. Following the publication of TR 55 it became clear that […]

TPI Composites Acquired by Landmark Partners

Published: 15th October 2004

TPI Composites, manufacturer of large-scale composite products have been acquired by Landmark Growth Capital Partners. The acquired business also includes the company’s interest in VienTek, a manufacturing joint venture that produces wind turbine blades as well as its patented SCRIMP technology and a portfolio of licensing agreements. TPI will maintain its development and manufacturing capacity […]